Banner and Poster Printing with Linux

After struggling to print a simple text banner onto multiple pages using LibreOffice and a variety of other solutions prompted by the conventional online search, I came across the simple command line utility poster. Save your original file as a postscript (.ps) file–which you should should be able to do from your print dialog in most distros with the “save to file” option. Note that this doesn’t work with .pdf files. You have the option of specifying what scale factor you want to use or the number of pages you want to output to. This command…

 poster -v -mLet -s4 >

…specifies that you want verbose output (-v), are using letter size paper (-mLet), and that you want the output scaled to 4 times the size of the original. Standard path syntax applies to the file names.

The following command specifies the number of pages to use for the output instead of a scale factor (in this case 3 pages wide and 3 pages high):

 poster -v -mLet -p3x3 >

To install from debian derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.):

sudo apt-get install poster

The man page will get you rolling without much ado.

If you have Adobe Reader 10 or later, supposedly you can do the same thing from Reader’s dialog. I couldn’t get v. 10 via repositories for my distro.

If you have an image file (.svg not included), PosteRazor should work for you. PosteRazor is also supposed to work for postscript files, but my install didn’t.

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