Linux 13 MATE, XMonad and Marco

Well over a year ago, I decided to give Mint MATE a try, and have been quite pleased with the performance.  When I try a new version/distro, I usually mess around with eye-candy for a bit, then the novelty wears off, and I go back to my utilitarian bent, and trim down for performance.  I’m hooked on XMonad, so, since I’ve never delved deeply into Haskell or XMonad under the hood, how nicely the distro plays with XMonad out of the box is close to a deal-breaker.

Mint 13 MATE passes the test with flying colors.  I imported my xmonad.xs from my previous install on Ubuntu/Gnome 2, and everything just worked.  The only issue I had was very high CPU usage–high enough to make my SATA-modded ThinkPad T43 run very hot.

After a little digging, I came onto this how-to about changing window managers in MATE.  The relevant parts for this are:

  1. In a terminal, type
    mateconf-editor &
  2. In the configuration editor tree go to /desktop/mate/session/required_components/windowmanager and replace “marco” with “xmonad”

For more help, and a slightly different approach to changing the window manager, go here.

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