Linux Mint 13 MATE, Synapse Launcher, and Missing MATE Applications

When I first started with Mint 13 MATE, I dug around for a launcher (e.g. Synapse, Launchy, Kupfer) to support my keyboard-driven approach to productivity.  I settled on Synapse, and have been generally satisfied with it.  But I’ve never been able to launch the MATE applications like Monitors, Screenshot, and Disk Usage Analyzer.  I’ve finally found a tiny Github Gist script that scratches this itch.

Copy this block of text into a new text file using your favorite text editor (You may need to adjust the tabs or delete whitespaces at the beginning of the lines.):


for file in $(grep -il "^OnlyShowIn=MATE;$" /usr/share/applications/*.desktop); do
  echo "patching $file"
  sed -e "s/OnlyShowIn=MATE;/#OnlyShowIn=MATE;/ig" $file > /tmp/tempfile.tmp
  mv -f /tmp/tempfile.tmp $file

Save the file with whatever name you wish; I called it

Make the script executable; one of the ways is:

 chmod 744

Run the script as sudo:

 sudo ./

Restart Synapse and enjoy!

About anisly

This is Yet Another Tech Blog--my attempt at propagating some of what I've gleaned in trying to solve tech problems. YMMV, but enjoy
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